Thanks for participating in Joe Goldian's expired listings survey
Completing this survey will help us analyze why your home failed to sell
How did you learn that your listing had expired?

Which of the choices best describes how often you communicated with your Realtor while your home was listed?

Before your listing expired when did you last speak with your realtor?

During the time your home was on the market, how many showings per week did you have on average?

Did you turn down any showing requests?

During the time your home was on the market, did you have any offers?

What was the main reason you did not accept the first offer on your home?

Please rank the most important reasons you think your home did not sell during the listing period.  10 = most important.

It's not close enough to shopping areas

It's not close enough to the freeways

Lack of marketing from the listing agent

Poor market condtions

In a price bracket that too few buyers can afford


The home needs too many updates

School district

The listing agent didn't work hard enough to sell the house

Property taxes and/or association fees are too high

The price was too high

Lack of listing agent communication and feedback

Cluttered / didn't show well

Which of the following did your realtor do? (You may select more than one answer.)

Was there any feedback, positive or negative, that you consistently received after showings?

The thing I liked best about my realtor was...

The thing I liked least about my realtor was...

How satisfied were you with the realtor who listed your home?

If you re-list your home how likely are you to work with the same realtor?

What will you do differently the next time you list your home? (You may select more than one answer.)

Approximately how many calls and or letters have you received from Realtors since your home expired?

Why are you selling?

Where are you moving to?

Name (optional)

Phone Number (optional)

Would you like to be contacted for a pressure free, no obligation consulation?

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